I’m a 40-something ex-web developer, with an interest in ambient/dark ambient/drone music, and I’m also a minimalist vegan.  This is a personal blog to express things of current interest to me.  Typically this can cover a whole range of things as well as those listed earlier.  This blog may also touch on mental health issues, something I’ve had to deal with pretty much the entirety of my adult life.  Posts will be prefixed with a “tag” (example: [Music] New release from a band I like) so you know what the main concept of the post is about.  I leave it to the reader to determine if they want to read it or not.

Also, any opinions, unless quoted are my own.  Quoted opinions are not necessarily made in agreement, but only to reinforce or bring light to a point that needs to be made.  Don’t like it?  I’m open to discussion in the comments, but argument, ad hominem attacks and the like will be ignored.  I prefer debate, not name-calling.

BTW did I say I’m vegan?