The obligatory first proper post.

So, hello. This is the first post on what I hope will be a new blog, just random collections of thoughts, ideas, things I’ve done and how I’m doing in life.  A way of expressing myself through written words, which I find far easier than actually saying them in real life.  But more on that in later posts.  This is just the introduction.

I’m a 44yo professional dog walker, an ex-webdev, ex-sysadmin and a little bit of a nerd.  Especially when it comes to ambient music.  I love the stuff.  You’ll end up finding a lot of new music over the future posts I’ve got planned that explore a whole gamut of sub-genres within the ambient label.  There’s a particular focus on the more drone and dark ambient side of things, the melancholy of that particular sub-genre being quite beautiful in my mind.

I may also touch upon mental health issues, and give some discussion to anxiety, depression, self-confidence and more related to these areas.  There are a few other areas I’d like to cover, however I will post about them in due course once I’ve got into the flow of posting.

Finally, I’m going to tackle the area of minimalism, especially how it relates to the entirety of the above.  I am a minimalist, and have found it to be beneficial to my life. You may have noticed that from the design of my template – it’s been lightly modified by myself to suit my needs better.  It’s not been a perfect transition and hopefully as I talk about my experiences you may find some nuggets of information that prove helpful in your own voyage of practicing this.

So until next time.