[Music] – Quake. A primer for dark ambient.

Quake was a revolutionary PC game for its time. The sound design was also revolutionary, being created/composed by NIN’s Trent Reznor, who provided a dark, moody soundscape as well as punchy weapon sounds, effects, and everything.

The opening track was just brilliant. Firing up Quake for the first time and hearing that intro just let you know exactly what you were in for.

It’s descent from powerful industrial synths to gloomy darkness was just perfect. The rest of the soundtrack ain’t half bad either. It finally led me to finding and buying this: Narcosis – A Dark Ambient Compilation which is just the perfect introduction to the darker side of sound.

[Music] – A favourite theme tune

I like soundtracks.  Especially video game soundtracks.  Since the first time I played wipEout on the PlayStation, I was enthralled with the idea that music could be such an integral part of the video game experience.  The PlayStation ushered in an era of streaming music directly from the CD, or using the advanced (for its time) synthesis chipset contained within.

As I progressed to the PC Master Race, I played Doom, with it’s brash, harsh version of MIDI metal music.  Not exactly my cup of tea, but awesome nonetheless.  Quake was utterly different.  A subgenre of music I grew to love – dark ambient.  Brooding, melancholic music that would be revisited much later on with the release of Cryo Chamber’s ‘Leviathan: The Lost City OST’.

The ultimate soundtrack music was none of these though – influential though they are.  It was this:

The main theme to Deus Ex.  Sounds like no other, and using the mod tracker style of musical composition which gives it an unreal vibe – the almost reversed envelopes on the main melody, and that tune.  It’s just great.  Listen to it.

I’ll be posting more music infrequently.